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Weekly Tips #0

Have your email opened almost with guarantee… You should use this sparingly. And only when it’s VERY important that you get your email opened. Don’t use it just to sell stuff. It needs to be more important. Or it will only annoy your subscribers. Here’s the tip: In the subject line, use only their name. …

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Weekly Tip #x

Get a Higher Opening Rate There are many things that matters when it comes to open rates. The most important: the sender. This both means how your subscribers see you, if they like and trust you. And like your emails. And how Google and servers see you. Here’s a neat tip to getting higher open …

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Welcome to Email Hero Light

Welcome to Email Hero Light Here in Email Hero Light, you’re getting a taste of what’s inside Email Hero. Some of this content will be weekly inside Email Hero. Some of it will be monthly. This week you’ll get: 1 email template 1 week’s planning Tips 1 ConvertKit tips/tutorial 1 MailerLite tips/tutorial Ask You’ll get …

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Welcome to Email Hero

Welcome to Email Hero The academy of super heroes in email marketing. You’re about to become the next flying star! Wooo! And you’ll get: Weekly planning Weekly template Tips ConvertKit tips/tutorial MailerLite tips/tutorial Ask You can start immediately by finding your first ever weekly planning. Just click the button that says Mark Complete and go to …

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