[MMW] 11 – Making money takes A – B – C – Once Written Twice Buy

[MMW] 11 – Making money takes A – B – C

It’s a dream-life, right?

Getting up when you wake up, no alarm clock…

Be with your pet, go to the beach or go bowling.

Do what you want.

And then once in a while make a video, write an email.

Sounds wonderful, right?

Sadly, that’s just a dream.

Only a dream.

It’s the dream-world the cheap gurus present for you.

Push this button. Click this link in my super-fantastic-overpriced software that will never get updated, but I don’t care because now I have your money and that’s what I wanted.

Real life is not like that.

It takes A – B – C

What is A – B – C?

That’s the letters it takes to make it online.

Three things.

Let’s start with A… just because, right?

A = Action

Confession: I love to learn.

I read numerous books and follow just as many courses every year.

But if that was all I did, I wouldn’t make any money.

You need to combine learning and taking action.

The best is to learn and then act on what you’ve learned.

Oh, the many years where I didn’t follow this simple piece of advice. I would read book after book about writing fiction, nodding and understanding.

Yes, I could easily do this. And this technique, easy peasy. As soon as I had more time, I would write.

Yeah, right…

There’s never enough time, unless you prioritize what you want to do.

The moment I took the time to write, I figured out that one thing was learning the theory, another thing was using it.

Spoiler alert!

Reading about making money will not miraculously make you money.

You need to act.

Thus A = Action.

Bonus: When you act on a product, you’ll also quickly discover if it works or not. Lots of vendors on WarriorMinus (they call it Plus but whatever) know that few people do more than buy their crap. They don’t use it and thus don’t ask for a refund when they find out what it really is: crap.

Let’s continue through the alphabet.

B = Belief

What do you believe to be possible?

Can other people make money, but you can’t?

Or do you believe that you can make a little money but never the thousands of dollars that other people can?

Growing up with a dominant mother who never hesitated to tell me how rotten I was and to take credit if I got good grades at school, I struggle with confidence.

Still today, yes.

But it’s something I work hard to change, and if you lack confidence in yourself. If you don’t believe that you can make it. Maybe because you think you’re just not fit for it. Or you don’t deserve it.

Then work on that belief.

It’s wrong.

There is nothing special about the people that make it big.

Other than they take action. They don’t let roadblocks stop them. And they believe that they can do it.

Work on your belief.

If you’re religious or spiritual, you can include that in your belief. Trust that something or someone bigger than you will always have your back.


C = Consistency

Once you have the two first letters right, it’s just rinse and repeat.

If you choose to write emails for a living, then write them frequently.

You decide the frequency.

I write this newsletter to go out once a week, and I have broadcasts to go out daily, 5 days a week.


Yes, sometimes I skip a day, but I don’t make it a habit.

I aim to be consistent.

Same thing if you choose to get traffic from a source.

  • Reach out to people daily
  • Write and publish that tweet, LinkedIn post, or Medium article
  • Make sure your paid ad campaigns are running (if you pay for traffic)

Be consistent.

There you have it – your ABC

Do these three things and you’ll succeed.

You can’t NOT win.

But Britt… I need a plan

Oh? No problem. How about seeing some money in 24 days?

With a process you can repeat every two weeks?

How about having a new income stream twice a month?

Click here and that could be you: https://malka.biz/24-days-to-success/

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