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[MMW] 13 – Is your life on the right track?

This is an eye-opener!

I’m reading a book that’s making a massive impression on me.


Have you ever thought about the route you’re driving?

Not with a car or train… but in your life?

That should be your first step, and that’s one of the important things the book helped me with.

Find what track you’re on

According to the author, MJ DeMarco, we are on one of three tracks:

The sidewalk: Living today like there’s no tomorrow. Not thinking of the consequences but living in the belief that things will be better tomorrow. Example: going on a vacation because "I deserve this" and paying with a credit card. Surely, I’ll have money to pay for this when I come back.

Sidewalkers buy lottery tickets and when they win, which happens, they will quickly spend their prize money because their lifestyle is still the one of a sidewalker.

The slow lane: Most people drive this route. They sacrifice today in hope of a better tomorrow.

They work hard in a day job, maybe two or three, and they save all they can or invest in safe stocks.

They buy a used car, skip the nights out, and live in the hope of getting a raise, or that their safe stocks will provide more than 8% interest.

They hope that in 40 years, their savings will be huge and they can finally retire. (If they are still alive and well and if there’s no inflation and if all their hopes come true.)

Time is money for them and they exchange time for money.

They have no real control over their life. They could get fired. The stocks could fail. Inflation could stay inflation.

Ask yourself this question: How many people in their 60s or 70s do you know who are wealthy and who worked as employees all their life?

Also ask yourself this question: How many people in that same age-group do you know who has to keep working just to survive?

The fast lane: Fastlaners are entrepreneurs. They work for themselves and are in full control.

They value time more than money and most of all they build systems to leverage their work.

Fastlaners are on their way to riches quick, but they also know (unlike the sidewalkers) that becoming a millionaire isn’t an overnight success. They accept that the process can take 4-6 years.

They make a plan, build the system, and then work consistently on that system day after day, 5-6 days a week.

Which of these tracks are you on?

Awareness is the first step towards success

When you think you’re on the right track, you’re not doing anything to change it.

That’s why awareness of a potential problem is your first step.

I would recommend you read the book, because obviously there’s a lot more to it than what I just wrote here.


And then:

  • Make a plan (if you want my help let me know)
  • Create the system (again, let me know if you need help)
  • Work daily, 5-6 days a week with this ONE purpose in mind
  • Reach you goal in 4-6 years

Is this possible?

I’ll give you an example from my life. Not myself but a person I know well.

Back in 2006, my friend and fellow marketer, Sean Mize, didn’t know much about internet marketing or making money online. But he figured that you could get visits (traffic) to your website by writing articles and sharing them on article directories.

Would it work?

He didn’t know, but as an entrepreneur by heart, he decided to test it all the same. He didn’t want to wait until somebody else had had the same idea, done the test and sold the course.

So he wrote a number of articles every day. (That’s a lot of work!)

He submitted this number of articles to 100 article directories. (That’s a lot of work!)

He analyzed the results and found that he got almost all of his traffic from one article directory: Ezine Articles.

From then on, he doubled-down on EZA.

That saved him time and he kept writing articles that lead readers to his money-making site.

After a while, he found that every article made him $40.

He could now do two things:

Sell his time for money (write more articles)

Or buy time with his money (pay for articles)

He chose the latter.

He made less per article, but also had to work less and got to a point where his hired help could post 100 articles per day on EZA.

Oh, but EZA failed after a Google change.

This wasn’t Sean’s fault. He couldn’t know.

He could easily just have thrown his hands up and declared himself an innocent victim of circumstances.

Not taking responsibility. Not his fault.

He didn’t.

He found a new place and built a new system. And when that no longer worked for him, he did it again: new idea, new system.

That, my friend, is being an entrepreneur and using a system to make money.

Use this an an inspiration for your next endeavor online.

  • Get an idea
  • Test it
  • Buy coaching to get you there instead of cheap courses

To the latter: A coach may seem expensive at first, but how many promising courses have you bought already and not used?

If you could ask the questions that are relevant to you, do you think it would help you get to your goal faster?

If a coach can spot opportunities you don’t see yourself, do you think that would help you?

I have another marketer friend who only buys high end cohorts and coaching now. When I asked him how he defined high end, he replied: "High end $499+. happy to pay less though 😃"

Sure, you can find pearls among $20-courses, but in general? Price is a tell-tale sign of the quality or what the author thinks of the quality.

And those cheap courses are often fake gold.

Let me give you an example:

Notion templates can make you rich.

To sell Notion templates, you need to:

  • Learn how to make them (I recommend Marie Poulin’s $750 course)
  • Grow an audience who are interested and whose needs you can cover
  • Learn how to deliver your templates (there’s an excellent $200 course that covers this)
  • Write a sales page (takes knowledge, skills, experience)
  • Tell your audience about your new template (easy when you have it all ready)
  • Share your new product in all the right places (said $200 course covers this, too)

Then comes along a marketer, who is completely unknown to the Notion community and tells you that for just $11 he’ll teach you how to create an sell Notion templates and make $200k per month.

Do you believe him?

Well, thousands of people do.

And he’s laughing all the way to the bank, followed by all the affiliates who made 100% commissions by sharing the word about his product.

You can find it on WarriorPlus, of course. Where else?

Go for quality. Get coaching instead of courses when you can. That’s the fastest road to success.

By high-end courses that deliver what they promise. Not unbelievable claims from people who do not do what they claim. Said marketer makes a living selling broken dreams and lost hopes. Not by selling Notion templates.

That’s it from me for this week.

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