[MMW] 14 – So easy that anyone can do it? Stay away – Once Written Twice Buy

[MMW] 14 – So easy that anyone can do it? Stay away

It’s a good sales argument.

I’ve used it myself.

"This is so easy that even I could do it."

"This is so easy that my 5-year-old could do it."

"This is so easy that my grand-mother could do it."

When you read that, what do you think?

Its purpose is to make you imagine yourself doing it

There’s nothing wrong with that.

In order for you to do anything, you need to be able to see yourself doing it.

And most people, if they hear that something is hard to do, has a steep learning curve and overall is for the few, they shy away.

"Oh, no, that’s not for me."

If they see that something is super-easy, then they can imagine themselves doing it.

"Ah, this looks easy. I can do that."

Good thing?

Could be… but then…

If anyone can do it… anyone will

Take a previously profitable niche: no content books.

No content books are, like the name says, books without content. Notebooks.

I know a woman who got her first successful launch with a notebook that had a free picture of an ugly creature on the cover.

Picture, lined pages… that’s it.

Sold a ton of copies. Made a huge amount of money.

Could you do that? Of course you could. Anyone could.

So just about anyone except my dog, because she’s more into cats than notebooks, started to create notebooks.

Amazon was flooded with self-published notebooks.

I myself made good money with 5 notebooks in a series with pictures I got from Wikipedia. And later with another series of 28 notebooks with more images from Wikipedia.

If it’s a lie, it’s bad – if it’s true, it’s even worse


Nah, strike that.

OFTEN you’ll come across offers that tell you how easy this is. It’s literally just a click of a button.

Almost just as often, it’s a lie. Or they are trying to upsell you on the done-for-you that makes it as simple as they claimed it was.

A lie like that is bad.

Not because it cheats you out of your money (but that probably wouldn’t happen more than once, right?).

But because it sells fake hope.

Take the latest scam I’ve seen. The "Notion Millions" course.

I got a copy of it because I wanted to make sure I didn’t bad-mouth the author. When I read the Notion niches he mentioned, I thought, "He’s never in his life created or sold a Notion template."

When I read on, I facepalmed so hard that I still have marks on my forehead.

He used ChatGPT to come up with the niches!

I kid you not.

Sure, you could do that as an experiment or as a beginner to Notion.

You could think, "I wonder if…" and ask ChatGPT.

But this guy claimed to have make more $200,000 already with Notion templates in the first quarter of 2023.

So a lie is bad because it doesn’t help you. It’s NOT easy to make and sell Notion templates.

But what if it were true?

Then everybody would make Notion templates.

And what does everybody do when the competition gets steep and they are new to marketing?

They lower their prices.

Now everybody (except a few winners who have gotten the know their niche well and who competes on quality) is lowering their prices.

Soon, there are no longer millions to be made, but pennies. Minus advertising fees. Yes, so not even pennies.

But Britt… if it’s not easy, it’s hard

Yeah. Or in between. There’s not just black and white. There are all kinds of shades.

But even if it’s super-hard, there are ways for you to do it:

  • Make a list of what you need to learn
  • Take it one step at a time
  • Choose whether to take the easiest task first or take them in chronological order
  • Pay someone who’s doing it to help you with things you cannot find on YouTube and you cannot buy courses that will teach you

The reward?

  • You now know how to do something only a few other people can do
  • You’ll feel so good, so proud, so strong! You did it! Where weaker people than you gave up, you stayed put. You pushed through. And you made it!

There’s an immense satisfaction in overcoming something difficult and getting it.

Oh, and then the money-reward.

Yes, people who have spent hours on YouTube and hundreds of dollars on courses or coaching, they can make money selling Notion templates.

(As opposed to the poor hope-crushed people who spent $11+ on a course promising the easy route to the moon without even having a rocket.)

Where do you start?

It starts with something which is hard for a lot of people: finding out what they really want.

They often know what they don’t want:

  • To work hard
  • To lack money
  • To do anything new
  • To work in a job they hate
  • To go out of their comfort zone

But they don’t know what they do want. (Probably because it’s difficult to find something that doesn’t hit the "don’t want" criteria.)

So step one: find out what you want to do.

Step two: find out what it takes to learn how to do it.

Step three: do it.

Sounds easier said than done?


And that’s the whole point.

Don’t go where it’s easy. It’s crowded there.

Go where you have to put in some effort and become a success.

"To boldly go where no man has gone before…"

Good luck and happy working.

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