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[MMW] 2 – A method to write every day

How do you get into the good habit of writing every day?

That’s what you’re going to discover today.

Why should you write every day?

Because people say so?

Because Stephen King writes six pages per day?

No. Neither of these reasons will motivate you to write every day.

When it’s such a good idea to write every day, it’s because it will improve your writing and your speed.

That’s why it’s better to write 15 minutes every day, six days a week, than to write for 2 hours once a week.

First, it’s easier to stay focused for 15 minutes than 2 hours.

Second, the more you write, the better you get, and the faster you write.

Third, you don’t have to spend time getting back into the topic when you have it fresh in mind from writing daily.

(Irrelevant aside note: my late friend and proofreader, Pete, would always correct it when I wrote "First," "Second," and "Third." He would change it to "Firstly," "Secondly," etc. but I still think it looks clumsy. Nevertheless, I feel guilty every time I write it.)

How much should you aim for?

50 words per day.

Yes, I know. That doesn’t beat Stephen King’s 2,000 words. It doesn’t even come close.

But 50 words per day is enough to get you into the good habit of writing daily.

And you have no excuse for not doing it. I mean… who doesn’t have time to write 50 words?

You could have them down in a minute (or more or less, depending on your typing speed).

How to always know where to start

The hardest part is starting. Once you’ve started, you’re half-way at the goal. So where do you start? How do you know?

Use the 3 Keep rule

  • Keep a list of Work in Progress (WIP) in Notion
  • Keep an idea list
  • Keep tasks on a checklist

I use Notion – https://clq.cx/notion – because it’s an awesome tool that helps me get overview over my projects.

Keep an eye out for videos about how to use Notion in my Facebook group.

I use Miro – https://miro.com – for an overview over my email planning. You can see how I do that inside my Facebook group https://clq.cx/fbg.

Get results

Nothing is more motivating than getting some early results. Even small ones. Because they show you that you can do this. Making money writing is not just for others.

It’s for you!

How do you get results?

You follow in the footsteps of someone getting results. Someone you can trust to be honest about their results. Those who will tell you also when they failed.

If you want a full system to follow, which oddly includes a good deal of writing, here it is: 30 Minute Affiliate ⇒ https://clq.cx/30minaffiliate by Erica Stone.

Have fun

I’ve saved the most important part to the last.

Have fun!

Writing should never be a sour duty. Have fun with it. Write something crazy if you’re bored. Enjoy what you’re writing.

You’ll do much better if you love writing your piece, and your readers will love it more. Because passion shows.

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