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[MMW] 4 – Are you doing the right thing?

Back in 1995, I woke up one Monday morning and my first thought was, "Oh dear! I wish it were Friday."

That moment, I knew I was doing the wrong thing. Here I was, wishing for my life to pass quickly, only living for the weekends where I could do what I wanted to do.

In 1994, I asked my boss if I could get a pay-cut of 20% and take Fridays off. He said Yes.

Fridays were my days. I wrote fiction and learned more about writing in general that one day per week.

Those days were sacret. I only did what I loved doing those days. No cleaning. No looking after the neighbor’s kids just because I was "home and doing nothing."

What about you?

Are you doing what you love right now?

Maybe you’ve quit your day-job like I did. You have your own business. What are you doing?

Things that you need to do to make money?

Or things that you really love to do – and hope can make money?

Your chances of making money depends on picking the right choice.

Watching Netflix

Maybe what you really love is to watch Netflix or YouTube. You could do it all day without skipping a single one.

Maybe you love playing online games. (World of Warcraft anyone?)

But maybe you’re spending your time struggling with the book, you feel you must write. Or writing those daily two tweets you hate to write. Or doing the minimum of two TikTok videos per day.

Maybe you’re like me and procrastinate for hours before doing a 30-seconds tasks, because you deep down really don’t want to do it.

Here’s what I’ve discovered.

Do What You Love

When you do what you love, there’s no procrastination.

You’ll just jump in a do it.

The proof: Have you ever procrastinated before watching Netflix? Or playing your favorite game?


Neither have I. (I’m more a gamer than a watcher, though.)

But Britt… That Can’t Make Me Money

Yes, it can.

I’ve always been a true believer in making money with whatever I love doing.

At one point I had fun making PHP scripts. Soon after, I got paid for creating them for others. I even wrote a successful book about it (PHP and MySQL for Absolute Beginners) in Danish, translated to many languages.

But what if it’s Netflix?

There are ways, too. Try this: https://clq.cx/30minaffiliate.

What if it’s gaming?

I know several gamers who makes 5 figures or more with YouTube videos and ads, or Patreon, or eBooks (here comes writing, yay!).

Just keep an open mind.

Yes, there are ways to make money writing about your interest, and it allows you to do what you love all day long.

You can write on places like Medium, Hubpages, and more who will pay you when people read your articles.

Or you can make your own direct money by writing books and sell them directly to your audience, either on Kindle or as PDF.

Don’t do what you hate.

Don’t waste time procrastinating before doing something you don’t really want to do.

Focus on what you love and how to make money with it.

If you want to brainstorm this with others, come and join my Facebook group. Or let me know if you prefer Discord, and I’ll set up a community there.

My Facebook group is here: https://clq.cx/fbg

And I’m never longer than an email away.

Have a wonderful day.

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