[MMW] 5 – Argh! the “build-your-list” struggle is real – Once Written Twice Buy

[MMW] 5 – Argh! the “build-your-list” struggle is real

One of the best things I ever discovered was email marketing.

I built my first list as a word of mouth… and then with the help of Google.

When I switched to writing in English, I wanted the same results:

  1. 85%+ open rate
  2. Contact with subscribers
  3. Make money enough to support us

So I needed to grow my English list.

For years I did it wrong because I wanted to do it right.

I wanted buyers on my list.

And how do you get that?

By selling something. Which I did, and affiliates shared my products.

My list grew, until it didn’t. Affiliates found other things to do.

So my list just got smaller, and smaller.

A few years went by, and I figured I had a problem. I needed to grow my list, so…

I gave up the idea of buyers

I tried:

  • TikTok
  • Medium
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

The all work but…

It’s slow.

And I didn’t have Mark’s cohort that is about to start tomorrow… (https://clq.cx/bislemc) so my new subscribers did not make me $6 each.

Then I found a better solution. One I’d used in the past.

This time, I went all in.

Let me tell you the solution after this short break with a message from our sponsor.

Hm… where is a sponsor when I need one?

Right, we’ll skip the message and I’ll tell you straight out what the solution was for me:

Solution: bundles

Here’s what bundles are.

Bundles are a collection of info products (courses, eBooks) sold as a whole for a very low price.

Say, $6K worth of info products for $47, for example.

There are two kinds of bundles.

Giveaways (where people get free access) and paid ones.

Which gives you the most subscribers? The free ones.

You’ll also get a lot of instant unsubscribes even before your "Welcome" email lands in their inbox.

I’ve given the same $29 product away for two different giveaways.

Some people signed up for the first, then insta-unsubbed.

Now I see them sign up again…

But that’s to expect. People value more what they pay for.

That said, I’ve also met super-nice people coming from giveaways. And obviously, some of them have gone on to buy products that would help them.

The ones from paid bundles will also unsubscribe sometimes, but not as frequently. After all, they paid for what they got.

Which is best? You decide.

I still prefer buyers.

Pros and cons of bundles


You can get lots (hundreds!) of new subscribers in a short time.

You can get buyers on your list.


If you offer an expensive product, then you "pay" that amount for each new subscriber. Ads may then be cheaper (but not give you buyers unless you sell something in that ad).

Where Can You Find Bundles?

Here are some I’ve found and used that you can sign up for:

==> https://clq.cx/bundles

I’ll add more as I find them. So bookmark that link.

How Do You Join?

Sign up as an affiliate or contributor, depending on the bundle.

Or if you’ve bought bundles yourself, contact the creators. Ask them if you can participate.

You can even go as far as to buy bundles and contact the people arranging them.

When you’ve done that, you just need a product…

And if you need help creating that product, then you can get my 24 Days to Success here: https://malka.biz/24-days-to-success/

Or get it with this bundle together with lots of other good courses:


That will make it easy for you to ask to join the next bundle.

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